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Spring Hill FL Time Bank

What is a Timebank?

What is a Time Bank?  (They are all over the world.)


A community of members who exchange what they love to do—their skills and abilities—with others in the time bank. We offer what we love to do, and we ask for help when we need it.

There is no exchange of money for what we love to do (except for gas/tolls if driving someone a distance, or a spool of string for your weed trimmer, or 5 lbs of butter if you’re making a ridiculously huge cake for a member, etc.). To cover Time Bank expenses, such as maintaining the website, we hold small fundraisers.

In time banking, we share ourselves while expanding our circle of friends — both here at home and potentially all over the world. Timebanking is both a national and international network with 500 timebanks in the U.S. and with members here and in 22 countries on 6 continents!

2040 Partners for Health - Aurora Time Bank

How does it work?

Using the Timebank is easy:

One hour’s work = one time credit.

You earn credits by doing something for someone else.
You use your credits when somebody else does something for you.

Timebank members make offers and requests.
An offer is something that you can do for someone else.
A request is something that you’d like someone to do for you.

Hours are logged through our online system.  This keeps track of all your time and exchanges.

The exchange looks like this: