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Spring Hill FL Time Bank

Apply for membership in Spring Hill FL Time Bank

Membership Requirements

Our membership process is quite simple:

1. Click the "Join" button and fill out the join form.

2. Verify your email address.

3. Attend an orientation in order to be activated!  Our orientations are held monthly and are posted on the Upcoming Events of the home page. 

But, while you're waiting for an up-and-coming orientation meeting please do the following:

  •  Complete your profile, people want to know about you!---
    • the system shows you what needs to be done to finish.
  •  Post a picture of yourself---
    • other members are more likely to respond if they can "see" who  you are.
  •  Write a service ad (an "Offering"), offering what you love to do! 
    • Your new offers will activate at the same time as your membership.

Since our community thrives on activity, we want you to be active in the community!  

If your account is inactive for a period of six months (no offers, no requests, you don't sign in at all, you don't answer messages or emails) your account will be disabled. (Disabled accounts will be reactivated if you ask nicely, with all your time credits intact!)

We look forward to meeting you and having you as a part of this growing community here in Spring Hill!

~ Your Time Bank Coordinators